Ginny Weasley sat on the front porch. Her knees were tucked against her chest and her arms hugged them tightly. Her beautiful eyes were marred by the glassy likeness of tears. She stared at the waning moon, its soft glow lighting the small area which she occupied. Ginny rocked slowly back and forth, her thoughts […]


Moonlight poured in through the window of Harry Potter’s room at Number 4, Privet Drive. Harry stood by the window, a photograph clutched in his hands. The photograph was of his parents, two smiling, happy people in each other’s arms. They looked up and then back into each other’s eyes, love the only emotion Harry […]

New Line’s ‘Out on Broadway’ returns with songs old and new

“Sean Michael leads the whole ensemble in a bright rendition of “You’ll Be Back” from “Hamilton.” In the musical, of course, the joke is that this “love song” is sung by a king to his rebellious subjects. Here, Michael turns it into a truly funny valentine.”

Out on Broadway: The Third Coming

“Sean Michael is my new favorite lyric tenor, whether he’s the wedding singer in Company’s doomed marriage ceremony or in three or four other places where a shimmering voice will suddenly entrance us. He uses that high, spinning tone to great advantage in a lovely solo, “Sleepy Man” from The Robber Bridegroom, and later with […]