Pale moonlight fell across a flickering candle and alighted on faded black robes. The figure wearing them heaved a heavy sigh, thinking, For the greater good? Why do I feel like everything good has finally ended? He shifted, white hands brushing over yellowed parchment that languished on the oaken desk. We’ve played so many games, […]


Ginny Weasley sat on the front porch. Her knees were tucked against her chest and her arms hugged them tightly. Her beautiful eyes were marred by the glassy likeness of tears. She stared at the waning moon, its soft glow lighting the small area which she occupied. Ginny rocked slowly back and forth, her thoughts […]


Moonlight poured in through the window of Harry Potter’s room at Number 4, Privet Drive. Harry stood by the window, a photograph clutched in his hands. The photograph was of his parents, two smiling, happy people in each other’s arms. They looked up and then back into each other’s eyes, love the only emotion Harry […]