Out on Broadway: The Third Coming

“Sean Michael is my new favorite lyric tenor, whether he’s the wedding singer in Company’s doomed marriage ceremony or in three or four other places where a shimmering voice will suddenly entrance us. He uses that high, spinning tone to great advantage in a lovely solo, “Sleepy Man” from The Robber Bridegroom, and later with […]

New Line Stages an Intriguing Experimental Allegory in “Celebration” | Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts

“Michael’s Orphan is amiable, appropriately naive and optimistic at first, but he also portrays a believable sense of growth and determination as the story progresses. He also has a great tenor voice that suits his songs particularly well.” https://snoopstheatrethoughts.com/2016/10/07/new-line-stages-an-intriguing-experimental-allegory-in-celebration/