Reading Roundup – Week of 11/8/2021

In my post last week I said that “Maybe I’ll summarize everything or I’ll focus on one book…” and here we are at the first summarize everything post. There’s not as much to talk about this week as I think there might be in weeks to come. That’s mostly due to one book, but that’ll be the last bit of reading I’ll talk about.

Keeping Up With My Thoughts

Back at the end of September, I made a pact with myself: I would read, on average, 100 pages of written word a day. Why? Well… Over the last few years I’ve found myself struggling to maintain the healthy reading habits I’d developed through primary and secondary schooling. It was a wish to return to that wa

Patron Saints of Nothing: A Thought Essay

I have so many complicated thoughts about this novel. Many stem from imagining my boyfriend Nico, a native Filipino, in this situation but a few also concern the inaction of the rest of the world. The narrative begs the question “Who’s responsibility?” Certainly, the drug “war” Duterte has instigated is nothing short of wholesale massacre. Indeed, it seems far too many innocents have been ensnared in the bloodshed.


The friendfiends are here today Chanting and laughing at my pain Worthless. Meaningless. Give up. Quit. Fool. I try to raise my shield to block them But they make it through It’s stupid. Dumb. Unwise. Idiotic. Like hammers they fall Like knives they cut Worthless. Dumb. Don’t do it.  The darkness is always summoned At least […]

I Want To Go

I want to go to a place where the stars will glow Where the city lights are dim Where the traffic is not I want to go to a place where the stars will glow Where the grass is soft and green Where the sky is endless above I want to go to a place […]

To My Love

You send a jolt straight through me Piercing me like one of Cupid’s arrows. I’m struck dumb, I’m lost in love, I’m drunk on this feeling you’ve given me. I can’t see straight, the stars dance, And I feel like a fool, fumbling for words. And I can’t help it, can’t change Because I’ve fallen […]


I’m wandering through a forest Hiding in the light between the shadows Fearing the dark things residing I’m running through the meadow Rejoicing in the golden-rayed sunlight Hiding away from the dark I am bathing in the river Washing away all of my own darkness Reveling my newfound clean self I am basking in my […]